Beinthework 2023

This coming autumn, Cosmino Productions are happy to relaunch an initiative we began over 10 years ago. BEINTHEWORK (Berlin International Theatre Workshops) saw professional theatre makers from all over the world run workshops in Berlin. Practitioners between 2009 – 2012 included Mike Shepherd (Kneehigh Theatre), Alexey Merkushev (Derevo), Sarah Wright (Little Angel), Frans Winther (Odin Teatret), Jola Cynkutis & Khalid Tyabji, Clara Lin Eliot (Fuerzabruta), the late, great, Marcello Magni (Theatre de Complicite) and Kathryn Hunter.

We relaunch BEINTHEWORK in 2023 with three workshops by Roberta Carreri of Odin Teatret, voice practitioner, Patrick Campbell and director of Cosmino Productions, Rachel Karafistan.

BEINTHEWORK 2024 workshops will be announced later in the year.


Breite Straße 43 / 13187 Berlin

To book, send us a short email detailing what experience you have and why you would like to participate in a BEINTHEWORK event to

14 & 15 October 2023

– awakening the theatrical body 

10:00 – 17:00


Pleasure Play Patience – awakening the theatrical body

Do everything with pleasure, play every encounter as though it is a game and be patient with yourself, others, and the task in hand. Holding these three simple principles close, let’s take a deep dive and explore the scope and creative potential of your body and voice in the theatrical space.

Open to performers and to those who are curious about what that means.

Rachel is a British performer, teacher, academic and director based in Berlin. As well as creating over 15 original performances as Cosmino Productions since 1998, Rachel has performed alongside Kathryn Hunter in ‘Yerma’ at the Arcola Theatre, London and was an actor with internationally acclaimed Polish company, Teatr Biuro Podróży.

Her PhD research into Shamanic dimensions within contemporary theatre practice saw her collaborate on workshops with ‘Way of Wyrd’ & ‘Way of the Actor’ author, Brian Bates. Rachel has directed for Greenwich Theatre, East 15 Acting School, Northampton and Leeds Universities and as a visiting director at Salzburg Landestheater, Austria. Rachel is a faculty member at Arthaus Berlin (formerly LISPA) and is External Examiner on the Physical Theatre BA at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex, UK. Cosmino Productions is currently touring with Heartburn, Paulas Reisen and is, developing Under the Starry Afghan Sky, a  theatre and art project with eleven young women, based in Herat & Kabul, Afghanistan. Rachel also received #TakeHeart (Fonds Darstellende Künste) research funds to develop Kleine Held*innen / Little Heroes, a dynamic new bi-lingual performance for 6 -13-year-olds inspired by all things Greek Mythology. Both new projects will premiere in 2023.


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17, 18, 19 November 2023

ROBERTA CARRERI – Nordisk Teaterlaboratoirum – ODIN TEATRET

10:00 – 15:30

FEE: 265 EUR

with a screening of the work demonstrations,
Traces in the Snow on 17 November from 16:00 – 18:00.

The workshop with Roberta Carreri is divided into two parts. The first part will concentrate on the actor’s physical training — on the awakening of the actor’s presence. The second part will focus on the work with the voice, comprising exercises that awaken the sonority of the voice and develop the capacity to make vocal actions in the space.

The aim of the workshop is to transmit, in a relatively short period of time, the basis of an actor’s training that can help the young actors to discover their scenic presence through the exploration of a formalized scenic behaviour and the experienced actors to provide a way to free themselves of their performing automatism, their own clichés. The workshop will focus on the perception of your own presence in relation to the space and to the other actors on stage and find ways of how one can be present in the action one is doing and at the same time be ready to react. The workshop will also focus on how to find the centre line of your body, how to work with the “in-tensions” and in which way we achieve a dynamic immobility. We will explore different qualities of energy of the gaze and learn how to identify different points of the body where the impulse that will lead one in space starts. We will work with the creation of physical and vocal actions, and how to realize them with different qualities of energy – e.g., slow motion. Finally, the workshop will also focus on the aspect of vocal training with several body resonators and the relations between vocal and physical actions. Each participant is required to come to the workshop with a text of at least 20 lines.

Roberta Carreri is an actor, teacher, writer and organiser. She was born in 1953 in Milan, Italy, where she graduated in Advertising Design and studied Art History at the Milan State University. She joined Odin Teatret in 1974 during the group’s stay in Carpignano, Italy. Roberta Carreri has taken part in ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) since its beginning in 1980, coming into contact with performing techniques from Japan, India, Bali and China. This has influenced her work as an actress and teacher. From 1980 to 1986 she studied with Japanese masters such as Katsuko Azuma (Nihon Buyo dancer), Natsu Nakajima and Kazuo Ohno (Butoh dancers). She gives workshops for actors all over the world and presents, as a work demonstration, her professional autobiography, Traces in the Snow. She organises and leads the annual international workshop Odin Week Festival in Holstebro and abroad. In 2009 she directed Rumor with Cinzia Ciaramicoli for Masakini Theatre Company (Malaysia). Her professional experiences are presented in The Actor’s Way, edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen. Roberta Carreri has written her own book Traces (published in 2007 by Edizioni Il Principe Costante, Milano and by Editora Perspectiva, Brazil in 2011), in which she relives the most relevant aspects of her theatre life – her training, pedagogy and her story as an actress of Odin Teatret. Her articles have been published in journals such as New Theatre Quarterly, Teatro e Storia, Máscara, The Open Page and Performance Research.

Performances: The Book of Dances, Come! And the Day will be Ours, Anabasis, The Million, Brecht’s Ashes, The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus, Judith, Kaosmos, Inside the Skeleton of the Whale, Ode to Progress, Mythos, Salt, Great Cities under the Moon, Andersen’s Dream, Don Giovanni all’Inferno, Ur-Hamlet, The Chronic Life, The Tree, Flowers for Torgeir, Thebes at the Time of the Yellow Fever.

Performance Demonstrations: Traces in the Snow, Whispering Winds, Dialogue between two Actors, Letter to the Wind and Nora’s Way.

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16 & 17 December 2023



10:00 – 17:00


Vocal Strata will introduce you to extended vocal exploration in the Wolfsohn-Hart tradition. We will work practically connecting breath, body and voice creatively, moving from pre-verbal exploration to work on song. Together, we will explore the range and expressivity of your voice by uncovering the vocal sources – psychosomatic centres along the spine that correspond to differences in pitch, tone and timbre. The workshop is open to all levels: do come prepared to move, to sound and to play! I look forward to meeting you and to sounding and singing together.

Patrick Campbell is a voice teacher and theatre maker and is currently Programme Leader of the BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance at the Manchester School of Theatre, part of Manchester Metropolitan University, (UK). He is a Core Member of Cross Pollination, a laboratory for the dialogue in-between artistic practices, which developed at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark) and is now based permanently in Ghent (Belgium). For over a decade, Patrick has studied Wolfsohn-Hart Voice with Margaret Pikes, founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre, and his approach to vocal exploration is grounded in this tradition of practice. He has conducted workshops and vocal masterclasses across the UK, Europe and Latin America. He is co-author of the monographs A Poetics of Third Theatre: Performer Training, Dramaturgy, Cultural Action, written alongside Jane Turner, and Owning our Voices: Vocal Discovery in the Wolfsohn-Hart Tradition, written alongside Margaret Pikes, which were both published by Routledge in 2021.

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