Handful of Acorns


In the beginning there was no destiny, no opportunity, no twist in fate. People’s lives were dull, tedious and predictable. This all changed when the Colossal Twins were born. The world had been waiting for the birth of these twins… Their magical hair was to be the very fabric of the web of destiny… After their birth, life became varied, different and unpredictable. The world could at last begin to turn.
Featuring young actors who were formerly members of Bare Essentials Youth Theatre, this uplifting street performance revisions the mystery of how the world began. Bringing together live singing, drumming and circus skills, this is a performance to awaken not only the senses, but the ritual of celebration and the possibilities of the imagination in spectators both young and old.

Adam Wallis, Esme Stronach, Vicki Laws, Sophie Goodfellow, Jason Wallis, Cherie Karafistan, Patrick Campbell, Rachel Karafistan, Natalia Grana.
Rachel Karafistan & the Company
Musical Arrangement:
The Company
Arts Alive Festival, Coventry, England. July 2000


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